Life is about evolution. About living fully, joyfully, open heartedly. About finding to your purpose and bringing your gifts forward. We are here, in these bodies, at this time to do amazing work. That work is different for each of us. To love fully, to experience abundance and to connect deeply to ourselves and to those around us.

Our lives are uncharted land and we are explorers daring to find what has meaning for us.


I work rapidly.

In less than five sessions or in one or two long sessions, you will - 

  • Be attuned and have clarity of vision about what you want. 
  • Release the stuckness and old stories that have kept you from manifesting your truth.
  • Receive a detailed personal / professional brand strategy and language to illustrate how to present your best self and your work to the world.  
  • Meet, through direct introductions, the people and opportunities that will change your life.

My gift is in clarifying what has meaning for you and connecting you directly to people and opportunities to make your desires actionable, sustainable and lucrative. Meaning, let’s determine what will make you feel most alive and let’s bring it to your daily reality.

I am not a therapist or a life coach. I am a transformational designer and like a sports coach at the highest level, I am going to tell you what to do. Just like atheletes are told how much sleep they need, what to eat, how to train, etc, we will design a program with paremeters that outline exactly how to get what you want. It’s unconventional perhaps, as it’s a short cut, yet it’s still up to you.

If I led you directly to water, will you drink? It's really that simple.

Taking the drink, that's up to you. 


Transformational Design is about changing things right now, about releasing what keeps you stuck, remembering what you most long for, reviving your energy and connecting to the people and places that can make your longing reality.