what clients are saying

Genessa is a creative dynamo with a knack for coming up with breakthrough ideas that transform and animate generic visions. She is energetic and articulate, and has a deep empathy for the problems of ordinary people.
— Pierre de Vries, Co Director, Spectrum Policy Initiative at Silicon Flatirons Center
Genessa is massively creative both in her analysis of challenges and get-it-done approach to devising solutions. Her energy is nothing short of contagious and her practical know-how is such that she channels ideas thru the lens of what’s possible. Genessa’s fearlessness, passion and breadth of experience make her truly a rare individual. She is simply one of my favorite people on the planet to work with, the result of both her unique talents and generosity of spirit.
— J.D. Heilprin, CEO, Agogo
Genessa inspires and energizes people to take massive action. Her passion is contagious. Her compassionate approach to purposeful relationship building and user empathy design is unique, thought-provoking and deeply effective.
— Emily Hine, CEO, Hinesight Consulting
After twenty years of working in a career that was coming to a crossroads, I reached out to Genessa. Through her insightful consultation, Genessa helped me launch a new path as a ghostwriter and writing coach. Genessa connected me to my very first client, who, because of this book, is traveling the country on a speaking tour. I am thriving on this new path and have successfully served countless clients write their best seller and have reached my next level of success.
— Mona de Vestel, Author, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach - www.authormona.com
Genessa is masterful in uncovering clarity of purpose and personal desires, things that are often hard to pinpoint on your own, and guide you towards personal and successful transformation. She has the ability to synthesize your thoughts to ignite you. If you looking for help in actualizing your ambitions, to feel more connected and on fire, look no further than Genessa. She has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time. Genessa is trustworthy, always encouraging, patient and an insightful guide through your life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. She is worth every penny value and her product is of the highest integrity. Plus, she’s FUN!
— Michi Suzuki, COO Wowzer and Public Relations Strategist
I can sing Genessa’s praises to the moon and back! Genessa challenged me to take a huge emotional step in telling my story. She knew exactly how to shape my story and style to connect me with my audience. She guided me towards what was working, especially helpful with the “a-ha” moments in which I hit upon resonating themes. And Genessa was not afraid to tell me where to make cuts. She is the best!!
— David Yamashita, Keynote Speaker, Forefront 2015 Fundraiser
Genessa helped me prepare for and improve my presentations numerous times over the last 15 years. I have never considered myself a “natural” public speaker. Genessa has helped me find my voice and give presentations with ease and confidence. Her strength is in determining what will resonate with the audience and has guided me to achieve a natural connection with them. She is a gifted and moving speaker herself. My presentations have improved immeasurably by working with and learning from a true master.
— Nancy Maisano, CEO, Maisano Mediation
Genessa consistently demonstrates her ability to bring together mastery of a subject matter, empathy, and humor to educate, inspire, entertain and drive audiences to action. She is a remarkable speaker and a generative force of nature.
— Yoram Bernet, CEO, Scope 5
Genessa taught me what it means to be truly empathetic when working with customers. What she taught me carries through to this day. Her fingerprints are all over my work.
— Luke Antal, Director of Programs, Koru
Genessa is a woman on a mission to make the world a better place. Through personal stories, emotionally engaging observations, and a dynamic wit, I’ve seen her viscerally move an audience into action and spark transformative community dialogues. She is intellectually curious, wildly creative and lives her life with a passion that is infectious and a pleasure to be around.
— Malory Graham, Founder, Reel Grrls
Genessa Krasnow worked with me to shape a compelling, articulate and authentic two-hour presentation on gender identity. Without her, I would have been sunk. She provided direct feedback, pinpointing exactly what was and was not working. She brought me into my voice, encouraging me to release myself to as a passionate burgeoning expert who knows the facts and the faces behind the facts. Genessa has an uncanny ability to connect directly in an authentic and compelling way. She helped me connect with my audience in a natural way while helping me to organize the material into digestible, comprehensive bites.
— Jamie Katz, MSA specializing in Transgender Therapy
She grounds and inspires. One of the most beautiful forces I have ever encountered.
— Anh Nguyen, General Manager, Koru
It was Genessa’s passion and push for reflection that brought me to embrace the practice. She helped me internalize feedback and begin to shift away from my “frat boy persona”. I would’ve never taken reflection seriously if it wasn’t for her persistence and belief in it. I still practice a little 2-minute meditation each day thanks to her.
— Robbie Douglas, Koru participant, Summer 2014
Genessa is a galvanizing public speaker, intellectually and emotionally generous with her audience, inspiring and persuasive in her delivery.
— Robin Held, Director, Neddy Artist Awards, Cornish College of the Arts
I had the opportunity to work with Genessa in a group setting with other presenters. Selfishly, I would have loved to have one on one time with her. Her strategizes for grounding, organizing, and developing my story and content were amazing. As I readied myself to step on stage, Genessa reminded me that that I knew everything I wanted to say and to speak from my heart. Genessa’s energy, her way with words, and methodologies on being present and connecting with the audience and her encouragement to be myself and be vulnerable needs to be wrapped up in a mason jar so that I can have it with me always! I know I am a better speaker after working with her even for a very short time.
— Tina Camero, Counselor, Seattle Schools
A beautiful and soulful storyteller.
— Kristen Hamilton, CEO, Koru
Talking to Genessa, I’m free to be me. She’s guided me through some big decisions and life-affirming discoveries. She clarifies what’s possible, both for projects I’m working on and for how I show up in the world. If you need a perspective that’s wise and weird—-good weird—-Genessa’s your go-to.
— Blake Gilmore, Software Engineer and Artist