Genessa Krasnow is a catalyst.

As a master communicator and Transformational Designer, she tunes people, products and organizations into a frequency that can be received. With a focus on the tech sector, environmental and experience design, wellness and entertainment, she has transformed both individual lives and businesses.

Her career is spectacularly varied with the thru-line being threefold –

  • Connection to self in order to connect better to others.
  • Lead with empathy.
  • Design for personal and professional transformation.

By age twelve she knew exactly what she wanted to do having spent an immersive weekend retreat role-playing as a Soviet Jews trying to flee the Soviet Union. Genessa quickly learned the power well-designed experience and the ability to teach and inspire empathy.

During her near decade with Microsoft, Genessa produced patent-award winning User Experiences. She built prototypes to advance technology and presented on National and International stages with variety of Microsoft executives including former CEO Bill Gates.

As the Creative Director and Producer for Seattle based Seeds of Compassion featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and musician Dave Matthews, Genessa designed the Brand experience and creative elements that inspired compassion in hundreds of thousands of attendees and millions who tuned in digitally. She produced two benefits concerts, which raised over 1.5 million dollars, art exhibits at Seattle and Bellevue Art Museums, managed a documentary film crew and presented onstage inspiring 10,000 to participate in compassionate action.

Genessa has consulted with multiple startups designing early audience generation strategies. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Revel Wolf Collective, she oversees an environmental and experience design business focused on creating places of belonging and wellness for companies, schools and organizations. She has spoken to Fortune 500 companies on engaging at-risk youth in storytelling, media and technology. She has taught at the University level and presented her work to audiences worldwide.

She earned her B.A. from American University, a Masters Degree from the Interactive Communications Program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a film and video degree from the University of Washington.

Genessa is an Activist, Strategist, Change-Maker and Fire-Starter. She believes whole heartedly in inspiring people to lives of purpose and producing transformational experiences that heal through love.